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The Lead-In AGM 2017

The Lead-In AGM 2017 will include a brief summary of our events and progress this year. We will ask members for their feedback and recommendations for the year ahead. We shall also be holding interviews with applicants to the 2017-18 committee.

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Review, Analyse, Discuss: Critical Appraisal of Health Innovations

  In our first event of the new year, Lead-In were joined by three unique innovators: Dr Caz Sayer, Dr Will Barker and Omar Akhtar.  Each described a novel approach to the shared goal of improving people’s health. Here we reveal the take home points from the workshop.     Outcomes-based Commissioning Dr Caz Sayer, Chair of Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and GP of over 30 years led an insightful workshop into the role of health commissioners and the future of delivering health outcomes for local populations.   What is commissioning? Commissioning involves getting the best outcomes in the most cost effective way. It starts with understanding a population’s needs and follows an iterative cycle. You have to understand the approach to commissioning if you want to change the way you do it. Set up as part of the 2013 Health and Social Care Act, CCGs bring front-line clinicians into commissioning roles, as a way to meet the daily needs of patients. When are commissioning decisions made? You make a commissioning decision every time you allocate a resource – if you decide to treat a patient, refer a patient or manage them yourself you are making commissioning choices – these decisions are made at an individual and a population level. The role of a CCG is to optimise the way commissioning choices are made at a population level....

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